If you enjoy learning about metaphysics, energy therapy, alternative healing, and love interactive workshops and classes, then consider attending one of Alyssa’s workshops.

With each workshop, Alyssa’s goal is to bring together people in the holistic community and teach greater awareness and understanding of metaphysical topics that enrich people’s lives. Using her extensive background in metaphysics and proven practice of energy healing modalities, Alyssa has helped to awaken the spiritual well-being within hundreds of people and has led many down the path of Reiki mastery.

Alyssa is a great teacher! She always teaches
a class that is not above anyone, even if some
of us are on different levels.Cheryl

Each workshop is affordably priced and brings together some of the most kind, open-minded people you will ever meet. Alyssa leads workshops on a variety of metaphysical topics including:

Reiki Certification (Levels 1, 2, & 3)
Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Energy. Learn to harness and focus the sacred energy of Reiki for health and wellbeing.

Vibrational Sound Therapy
Learn to use tuning forks to restore balance to the body and energy systems.

Empaths Unite!
Empaths are people who are so highly sensitive they can pick up others’ emotions and stress. Alyssa teaches empaths to identify which type of empath they are and how to protect themselves from being affected by the outside world.

Moving on from Energy Vampires
Energy vampires are those who like to prey on empaths and other sensitive giver types. They drain your energy while grooming, controlling, and manipulating their victims. Alyssa explains how to spot, avoid and move on from these energy takers.

Creating Boundaries
Wise people learn to develop strong, healthy boundaries. It’s all too easy to end up being used and abused in a world full of takers. It requires more than just saying no; it’s about shifting your energy and developing self-confidence.

The Ego, The Higher Self, and the Darkness
Alyssa discusses the false self, the true self, and how to determine the difference. Also addressed is the evil in this world and how to identify it in people.

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It was an honor and privilege to participate in a Reiki workshop. After attending, I’m feeling as if I’m a cloud floating in a constant state of weightless.

My physical pain, which is tolerable when walking, has left. (That’s a big deal to me.) The atmosphere around me seems calming and relaxing. And the release of tension and stress in mind and body have me in the feeling euphoric.

Thank you Alyssa for such an extremely professional, knowledgeable and life-altering workshop.David