By utilizing energy therapy techniques including Reiki, healing touch, and vibrational sound healing, Alyssa can help bring a client’s energy system–such as the chakras and aura– back into balance.

The effects of clearing and balancing the aura, chakras, and other systems of the body is a renewed vigor, anchored centeredness, improved mental clarity, greater feeling of deep peace and calm, and letting go of unwanted repressed emotional baggage.

Some of the issues Alyssa has
success helping her clients improve
through Energy Therapy include:




Emotional trauma

Feeling spacey, forgetful, and not grounded

Aches and pains and other physical issues

Relief from kidney stones

Helping empaths rebalance their energy and learn techniques to shield themselves from taking on others’ energy

Recovering and detaching from an unhealthy relationship/energy vampires

Bringing a client back into their body following a near death experience

Soul retrieval

Detaching energy cords from past lives, ancestral cords, and any attachment not serving the client

Removing entities and ghosts that may be attached to a person

Removing curses (may be a curse from a past lifetime)

Energy Therapy Fees

1-Hour Session

$ 105


$ 55

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