Daily stress and negative emotions can cause a person’s energy field to become misaligned and unbalanced.

When this happens, it may cause you to feel lethargic, unfocused, and even depressed. By utilizing energy therapy techniques including Reiki, healing touch, and vibrational sound healing, your energy fields (chakras and aura) can come back into balance.

When your energy system is balanced, you will feel relief from stress, anxiety, and depression issues. Energy therapy can also help you recover and detach from energy vampires and unhealthy relationships. Techniques can also be used to detach energy cords from past lives, remove entities attached to a person and remove curses (including curses from a past lifetime).

What affects the Mind, affects the Body

What affects the Body, affects the Soul

What affects the Soul, affects the Mind

It’s all interconnected.


Alyssa McDowell is a Reiki master, Healing Touch practitioner, and psychic medium with inherent shamanic abilities. She’s also an empath—someone who feels other people’s emotions. Throughout the years, Alyssa has cultivated her unique abilities and gifts to improve the overall health and well-being of her clients through energy balancing. Alyssa also shares her passion and vast knowledge of the healing arts in the many workshops she teaches throughout the year.


Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy is a gentle yet powerful way to bring the body and energy system back into balance. Alyssa is trained as a Reiki Master and Healing Touch practitioner.


Alyssa leads workshops on a variety of metaphysical topics including: Reiki certification, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Akashic Records, Empaths and Energy Vampires, Energy Clearing, and more.

Spiritual Coaching

Alyssa uses her intuitive abilities and shares needed information to her clients about relationships, work, and health during Spiritual Coaching sessions. People receive the clarity they need to live their best life possible.

Home Energy Clearing

Many people hear odd sounds in their house, like footsteps, or experience cabinet doors opening when no one else is around. Alyssa clears detrimental energy from your house that will improve the everyday well-being of your family.

Body Reflex Therapy

Body Reflex is a bodywork therapy designed to release and relax tight muscles that pull the body out of alignment. Alyssa uses a combination of energy and hand positions to allow the body to naturally relax and realign.


Since 2002, Alyssa has been improving the physical and mental well-being of her clients. Over the years, Alyssa has acquired extensive knowledge as a bodywork therapist, energy healer, spiritual coach, and teacher.

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