Body Reflex is a bodywork therapy designed to release and relax tight muscles that pull the body out of alignment. (Do not expect a traditional massage.) The therapist uses a combination of focused energy and hand positions which allows the body to return to proper alignment. This therapy can help reduce or eliminate pain. 

Alyssa has restored physical wellbeing to thousands of clients even when doctors and chiropractors could not. She uses special techniques learned over a 20-year massage therapy practice and continuously improves her Body Reflex knowledge. These bodywork skills set Alyssa apart and when combined with energy therapy, create a healthy mind, body, and soul.

A Body Reflex session can help with the following body alignment issues:

Hip alignment issues
Leg/knee issues
Tight neck and shoulders
Jaw misalignment
Skull plates misaligned due to head injury
Ribs out of place, causing referred pain
Tailbone misalignment
Elbow, wrist, and hand issues

Body Reflex Therapy Fees

30-min Session

$ 55


Combined with an Energy Session

$ 110

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