Alyssa is a rare and unique healer. One energy session with her is life shifting and amazing!


Thank you Alyssa for all your support, love, healing wisdom, and guidance. I would not be who I am today without you. I am so grateful!  


Alyssa is extremely talented and knowledgeable. I see her for energy work. I feel like a different person since starting our sessions.


Alyssa is a true healer who has honed her craft. For years I had been curious about Reiki. I didn’t necessarily want to be a Reiki Master or practice Reiki as a career – but mostly learn about the energy and energy healing behind the modality. Alyssa’s classes were just what I needed. Mystical, practical, and spiritual. In the first class, Alyssa did a little Reiki on me – which was incredibly impactful. I also met a group of heart-centered, diverse, interesting people from a variety of backgrounds.


I appreciate you so much for everything that you do. Your trainings and healing has helped me in so many ways over this past year. I’m so grateful!! Thanks so much!!


It was an honor and privilege to participate in a Reiki workshop. After attending, I’m feeling as if I’m a cloud floating in a constant state of weightless. My physical pain, which is tolerable when walking, has left. (That’s a big deal to me.) The atmosphere around me seems calming and relaxing. And the release of tension and stress in mind and body have me in the feeling euphoric. 

Thank you Alyssa for such an extremely professional, knowledgeable and life-altering workshop.


Thanks so much for all of your guidance. I love our visits. You have been and continue to be an important part of my life. Alyssa, you have been so helpful in my growth!