Massage Therapy

I am no longer accepting new massage clients.
Existing massage clients can still schedule appointments.

Many people do not realize how beneficial therapeutic massage can be. A skilled, experienced massage therapist can release muscles and tendons that are causing pain and lack of mobility. Whether the pain is acute (such as a pulled muscle) or chronic, deep tissue massage can help restore balance to the body.

Alyssa has restored physical wellbeing to thousands of clients even when doctors and chiropractors could not. She uses special techniques learned over a nearly 20-year practice that are unlike any techniques you will find in other massage studios. These skills set Alyssa apart from the rest and, when combined with energy therapy, create a healthy mind, body, and soul.

Alyssa includes Hot Stones in every massage therapy session at no additional charge. Using warm, smooth stones gliding over tight muscles not only feels heavenly, it also helps to improve blood circulation throughout the body. (After a massage therapy session with Alyssa, you will never want to go back to having massages without hot stones.)

Massage therapy can help with the following issues and more:

• Headaches
• Neck Tension
• Back and Hip Pain
• Sciatica
• Shoulder Injuries
• Knee/Leg Pain
• Overall muscle aches and pains
• Sitting all day/computer use
• Stress

Alyssa’s clients regularly combine Massage Therapy with an Energy Therapy session.

Massage Therapy Fees
90-min session: $125
1-hour session: $90
30-min session: $50
90-min Massage and Energy Therapy session: $125

No longer accepting new massage clients.
Existing clients can schedule appointments by calling Alyssa at 864.770.5732.

Alyssa McDowell, LMT, CHTP
South Caroline License: #7033