Home Energy Clearing

Have you ever felt the sense of being “watched” by someone in your empty home? Have you heard footsteps upstairs when no one else is around? Have cabinet doors in your home mysteriously opened and closed? Do you sense negative energy in a room of your house? This paranormal activity is actually common and clearing this negative energy can bring you and your family a greater feeling of comfort in your home.

When a person leaves this world, sometimes they don’t know where to go, or they are attached to the land, house or to an antique. These lost souls (ghosts) need help finding their way Home. “Good” ghosts should go to the Light, and “bad” ghosts shouldn’t be in your home with you and your children!

During a Home Energy Clearing, Alyssa clears bad energy (emotional imprints) throughout the house and off antiques and dissolves detrimental earth energy lines. Clients report no longer hearing noises nor feeling the “presence” of someone following a Home Energy Clearing session.

Get an inside look at a Home Energy Clearing session by watching this short video:

It takes about one-hour to clear your home of its negative energy. Common reasons people need a Home Energy Clearing include:

• Moving into a new home to clear the previous owner’s energy imprint
• Having trouble selling an existing home
• Sensing paranormal activity (footsteps, doors opening/closing)
• A child being afraid to enter a room
• Following a major life change to set a new intention for your home
• Continued feelings of restlessness and sleepless nights

Home Energy Clearing Fees
1-hour session: $125*

Please schedule your appointment by calling Alyssa at 864.770.5732.

* additional fees may apply if travel outside of Greenville, SC is required